Content yet to be populated. what is the college loopholes manual?

Paste bold text from main yellow box. In an ordinary scenario, you'd spend 5-6 years attending school and come out $19,000 in debt. using a combination of inside-tricks explained in the college loopholes manual you can easily cut your total college expense to under $15,000. If you approach your academics aggressivley, it's also very realistic to complete your degree in three years or less.

will this affect my employability later in life?

Yes! But not in the way you think...

Is it ethical to use these loopholes? It seems unfair for a handful of families to use the collegiate system’s loopholes to gain a significant advantage for themselves?

Loopholes are policy. They are there for people to take advantage of. The designers of the system built them into the system. For educators to complain later on that some people use them is hypocritical. If the people who run the academic cartel don’t like the loopholes, they can close them. So far, they haven't.

Who's Gary North?


How will the manual be delivered?


Can I redistribute the manual after I've ordered it?


$97 seems a bit expensive for an ebook. Can you explain the cost?

this isn't the same as buying a book off amazon.com or something. this is a single person's individual tricks and strategies that he uses to coach you through earning a degree. it's intentionally branded as a "manual" and not an "ebook" because it isn't something yet in mass distribution


If you'd like a better sense of what you're investing in, you can read a few pages online for free.


This seems too good to be true. Is it?

Getting a degree in 3 years for under $15,000 is an intensive, but realistic goal. Suppose you chose a slower pace or ran into some complications (which is a fairly realistic scenario) and it took you four years and cost $17,000? Even then, you're graduating when you would have anyway and you've still saved at least $28,000.

This manual costs $97. The author, Gary North, personally guarantees that his tips you don't already know will save you a minimum of $9,700. If they don't, you get a full refund. This is a zero-risk investment. You can't go wrong.

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