In his College Loopholes manual, Gary North will show you detailed alternative routes you can take to enter through the back door of higher education. Expect a feast of inside tips and specific advice on how to earn your degree debt-free, for a fraction of retail cost, and in less time.

•Instead of asking your parents to pay somewhere from $45,00-160,000
for your education, earn the same degree for less than $15,000!

Complete your BA degree in three years so you can
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sting in what you're most excited about.

See how to pay your own way through school and graduate
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Take these facts into account before blindly investing in college!

Over half of all college freshmen at 4-year colleges flunk out or drop out.

College liberal arts majors who fail to earn a degree earn no more than a high school graduate, ten years after graduation.
Educational Statistics Quarterly

Of the college students who do earn a B.A. degree, it takes most of them at least 5 to 6 years.

In 2003, the total cost, including books and travel, was almost $14,000 per year for a typical public university and $27,000 for a private university.

In the year 2000, the typical recent college graduate owed $19,300 in student loans. (It's higher today.)
U.S. Department of Education

Graduating from an exclusive, expensive private university ($150,000+) is worth only an extra 8% in lifetime earnings (men) or 17% (women), compared to graduating from a typical state university.
Education Statistics Quarterly

Compared to a high school graduate, a college graduate earns about 23% more in wages ten years after they both graduated from high school.
Education Statistics Quarterly

Conclusion: Attending college is a high-cost, high-risk venture for your family that will not pay off for you unless you graduate, and won't pay as much as most people think if you do graduate. It is economically foolish to pay a dime more than you absolutely must to attend college. There are a lot of legitimate ways to make sure you don't.

What will the manual show you how to do?

The College Loopholes manual contains a wealth of leads on topics ranging from how to test out of courses to which colleges have the best and cheapest distance learning programs. There's not enough room here for an exhaustive list of everything in the manual, but some of the most important questions that will be addressed are the following:

• What are the 13 myths of American higher education?

• How do these myths persuade 15 million college students to pay three times as much as they need to?

• How can you take advantage of alternative degree tracks offered to racial minorities, older returning students who are academically rusty, and full-time workers?

Why do colleges have loopholes?

Every bureaucratic institution has loopholes. They exist because every system has conflicting goals. The main rules are set up to achieve the system's main goals. The subsidiary goals have a different set of rules. These subsidiary rules create loopholes.

Accredited colleges have several main congruent goals: to keep total income high, to fill every avaliable seat with a student, to pay senior professors well, to fund state-of-the-art facilities, to keep their academic reputations, and to maintain their accreditation. Some of their subsidiary goals are to let "alternative" students attend, to help these students graduate, to keep expenses low for these students, and to structure courses that accomadate these students.

Colleges set up alternative-track degrees for their alternative students. They are priced much lower. These alternative programs require much less time spent on campus—sometimes none at all. Yet the degrees delivered are legally and officially identical to the conventional-approach degrees. Even if you aren't a minority group member, or 40 years old, or a full-time worker, or the parent of three school-age children, these loopholes are available to you. In the College Loopholes manual Dr. North will leverage his extensive experience in the academic world to show you what these loopholes are and how to use them effectively.

• Which college offers the lowest price to earn credits?

• Which publicly funded small college offers the most rigorous academic program at the lowest tuition?

• What steps do you need to take to receive college credit for past life experiences?

• How can you earn college credit available to the military while remaining a civilian?

• How can you avoid competition from the best students at the college that grants you your degree?

• How can you earn a degree from a prestigious public university that turned you down when you applied for entrance?

• How was it possible for an 18-year-old student to earn an accredited B.A. in six months for $5,000?

• How can you beat the out-of-state tuition discrimination imposed by most public universities?

• How can you avoid taking a class and still get the credit by testing out?

• Which tests are avaliable and how do you access them?

• Why do colleges require classroom lectures when businesses and research institutions don't teach this way?

• Which two world-famous universities have never required students to attend lectures?

• How can you graduate from college two years after you graduate from high school?

Again, these topics are far from comprehensive. Doctor North's extensive experience in the academic world qualifies him to provide invlauable general advice about picking majors, finding an ideal job, maximizing what you offer an employer, avoiding mega-classes, working at your own pace and much more. And don't forget to read about the free gifts that you get with the manual!

Is there a catch? Why haven't I heard of this before?

The College Loopholes manual is not a cure-all magic potion that lays out every exact step any student should take and the precise order in which they should take them. Instead, the manual is an invaluable compilation of tips, strategies, and very specific leads that will show you how to customize your undergraduate education and cut the price you pay to a small fraction of retail cost. To make the most out of the loopholes that Dr. North will show you, you'll need to be willing to be work in slightly unconventional ways. Learning outside the traditional (overpriced) mainstream routes doesn't need to be harder (in fact it's often much easier), but it does mean that you won't have other people holding your hand. You'll need to take a lot of initiative and be fairly self disciplinedto be successful. yourself.

"I earned my B.A. degree in business in 18 months for about $14,300 by using Dr. North's unconventional strategies. Yet I was only a C+ student in high school."

Donald Sauder (2005)

Bear in mind that you have to pay extra for anything in life that is delivered on a silver platter. To save the kind of money that I am talking about, you must take extra time to do things unconventionally. You must establish your own priorities, make your own plans, stick with the program you designed, and finish what you begin. No one will hold your hand. Hardly anyone will understand your strategy. That is why the strategy exists: so few people have adopted it.

The fortunate part of this for you is that these alternative tracks are officially avaliable to everybody, it's just that barely anybody knows about them. This is also good, though, because if every freshman college student had a copy of Dr. North's report, most of the loophole's in it would be closed. Few students will ever see his report, however...

There is nothing immoral about taking advantage of these loopholes. Legally, they are open to every student. Why shouldn't you take advantage of one or more of them?

Two year money back guarantee. No questions asked!

Gary takes your satisfaction with is product seriously.

"You have paid good money for this report, or a parent has, on your recommendation. I thank you for your trust. You will get your money’s worth, I guarantee you. In fact, I money-back guarantee you. If, after you have read it, and after you have clicked through on the links to the sites that seem to offer promise, you honestly think the information is not worth what you paid for it – that you cannot save $100 for every dollar it cost – then you can get your money back."

Refund Policy
You have two years to make up your mind regarding the value of the information in this manual and the free bonus manuals. If you decide that this information is impractical in your family’s situation, you can get a 100% refund. Send a letter, along with a photocopy of your credit card receipt or canceled check, to:

College Manual Refund
American Bureau of Economic Research, Inc.
c/o PMC
10000 N. 31st Ave, C-102
Phoenix, AZ 85051

Who's Gary North?

- Study at your own pace
- Avoid mega classes

I know of one tax-funded university that offers the least expensive accredited degree program in the United States. A normal student can earn a B.A. for under $12,000 in tuition. The whole program can be done by mail, meaning no on-campus room and board expenses, either! And . . . most amazing of all . . . it is offered to out-of-state residents. Yet this fantastic option is nowhere mentioned on the school's website. You have to ask. Almost no one knows where to ask or what to ask or which official to ask.

I do. It's one of my favorite loopholes.

Combine it with one of my other loopholes, and the entire degree program costs under $8,000.

Pity the out-of-state student who does not learn about the special phone number that I provide in my manual. His family will pay $67,680 in tuition (if rates don't rise, which they will), plus room & board -- say, an extra $25,000 if the student gets through in four years (unlikely).

Which approach sounds better to you?

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