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College LoopholesNeed a college degree but don't want to pay the time or money most other students have to? The College Loopholes manual will help you...

Learn to use legitimate alternative strategies to earn the your degree for less than $15,000! Don't ask your parents to pay somewhere from $45,000-160,000 for the exact same degree!

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In a nutshell, here's the deal:

College is overpriced. Without the right information you're going to spend more than you have to. Probably at least three times more. The College Loopholes manual is packed with information on the inner-workings of academic institutions. It will show you a number of legitimate loopholes you can use to achieve your academic goals without subjecting yourself to long-term financial debt. IMPORTANT: This is not a diploma mill program. You will have to do real work and earn your degree. You won't have to pay unnecessary overhead. (You'll be glad you didn't!)

The College Loopholes manual is a time and money saving resource full of tips, strategies, and very specific leads that will show you how to customize your undergraduate education and cut your cost to a small fraction of what most other students pay.

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What's the big deal? Why not just go to college the normal way?

You won't be the first person to try this. Others have discovered great success using College Loopholes!

"I earned my B.A. degree in business in 18 months for about $14,300 by using Dr. North's unconventional strategies. Yet I was only a C+ student in high school."

- Donald Sauder (2005)

College is a risk! Look at these facts that colleges aren't about to start advertising. Take them seriously! Instead of getting spat out into the world $19,000 dollars in debt and with minimal real experience (at best), turn the system to your advantage. Imagine that you were able to maximize the loopholes described. Three years from now you could tell a potential employer that you were able to maximize the inside workings of the collegiate system, that you earned your degree for $14,000 in three years, and that you currently have the financial freedom of money saved in the bank! Sound too good to be true? Here's the only catch.

Many people already know a few of Dr. North's techniques, but they don't have all the tools that they need. Many don't know how to put the pieces together so they settle for the simple route—they pay unnecessary overhead for school just to get it done. This may end up working out eventually, but, more than likely, they will find themselves handcuffed and burdened by unpaid debt for years in the future.

The approach presented in the College Loopholes manual is a bit radical. Read the content on this website carefully before making deciding about purchasing College Loopholes. The more you'll look, the more you'll realize that this unconventional product has some incredible opportunity packed into it.

What's in College Loopholes? What will it show you?

The College Loopholes manual contains a wealth of inside tips, leads, and specific advice on everything from finding the least expensive distance learning programs to selecting the best major for you. College Loopholes author Gary North, Ph.D., is uniquely qualified to reveal these strategies to you and he holds nothing back in this manual. Dr. North leverages his extensive experience in academia to show you detailed alternative routes you can take to get your degree. Learn the ins and outs of the vastly less expensive alternative degree programs that colleges don't advertise. Learn how to spend less time in class and more time actually learning. And pay no more than you have to!

loophole: dictionary definition
Why do colleges have loopholes?

Every bureaucratic institution has loopholes. They exist because every system has conflicting goals. The main rules are set up to achieve the system's main goals. The subsidiary goals have a different set of rules. These different rules are loopholes.

Accredited colleges have several main goals: to keep total income high, to fill every available seat with a student, to pay senior professors well, to pay for state-of-the-art facilities, to keep their academic reputations, and to maintain their accreditation. Some of their subsidiary goals are to let "alternative" students attend, to help these students graduate, to keep expenses low for these students, and to structure courses that accommodate these students.

Colleges set up alternative-track degrees for their alternative students. They are priced much lower. These alternative programs require considerably less time to be spent on campus—sometimes none at all. Yet the degrees delivered are legally and officially identical to the conventional-approach degrees. Even if you aren't a minority group member, or over 40 years old, or a full-time worker, or the parent of three school-age children, most loopholes are available to you. It's true that if every college freshman had a copy of the College Loopholes manual, some of the loopholes would be closed. But few people will ever see this manual—you can be one of them!

Here are some key questions that will be answered in the College Loopholes manual...

• How was it possible for an 18-year-old student to earn an accredited B.A. degree in six months for $5,000?

• How can you use the same techniques to save yourself tens of thousands of dollars?

• How can you graduate from college two years after you graduate from high school?

• What are the 13 myths of American higher education?

• How do these myths persuade 15 million college students to pay three times as much as they need to?

• Why do colleges require classroom lectures when businesses and research institutions don't teach this way?

• Which two world-famous universities have never required students to attend lectures?

• How can you take advantage of alternative degree tracks offered to racial minorities, older returning students who are academically rusty, and full-time workers?

• Which college offers the lowest price to earn credits?

• Which publicly funded small college offers the most rigorous academic program at the lowest tuition?

• What steps do you need to take to receive college credit for past life experiences?

• How can you earn college credit available to the military while remaining a civilian?

• How can you avoid competition from the best students at the college that grants you your degree?

• How can you earn a degree from a prestigious public university that turned you down when you first applied for entrance?

• How can you beat the out-of-state tuition discrimination imposed by most public universities?

• When you already know the material, what options do you have to avoid taking a class and still get the credit?

Plus the College Loopholes manual includes far more information beyond these topics. One of the most valuable things the manual will do for you is index and explain dozens of top-notch third party resources. These leads alone are easily worth ten times the cost of the manual. As you read College Loopholes, you can also expect some rock-solid advice on finding the ideal job while you're going to school, maximizing what you have to offer an employer in the future, avoiding mega-classes, working at your own pace, and much, much more.

Still trying to wrap your mind around what the College Loopholes manual is all about? Here's a chance to look inside it for yourself.

Want a better sense of what the actual information inside the College Loopholes manual is like? Understandable. College Loopholes is a unique product and its uniqueness is what makes it valuable, but its uniqueness also makes College Loopholes difficult to explain. The only way you can really understand is to read it yourself (remember, your satisfaction is assured with our full, 100% money back guarantee). The next best thing is to read a sample. If you'd like, you can do that right now for free. Just click the button below and a few pages from the College Loopholes manual will be launched in a new window. Some of the specific information has been blurred out. This, of course, will be fully legible in the purchased product.

Peak inside the manual!

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Dr. North's 100% Money Back Guarantee

College Loopholes author, Gary North, Ph.D., personally guarantees that his manual will show you how to save at least $9,700 on your college degree by using tricks that you didn't already know. If he doesn't, you can get 100% money back refund of your purchase price. That works out to a guaranteed $100 return on every dollar you spend. The three special reports are yours to keep just for evaluating the material in College Loopholes.

To download your copy of Gary North's College Loopholes e book manual, click the order button below. For $97, you will get instant access to the manual as well as the three free special reports. Because College Loopholes is delivered electronically, it includes live links to relevant web resources. You're welcome (and encouraged) to print out a personal copy for improved readability.

Keep in mind that distribution of College Loopholes is limited. If this necessarily little-known information were widely used, the “loopholes” would be closed. For this reason, College Loopholes isn't being mass distributed. Dr. Gary North knows the inner workings of academic institutions and brings to you the techniques and resources which are a product of his extensive research. He tells you how students can use legitimate, but not widely publicized resources available at respected colleges and universities to get a degree with less time and less money. And in College Loopholes, he personally coaches you in how to use these techniques and resources to your best advantage. Not many people are likely to have heard of this project—that's why the techniques it contains work so well.

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